Homeopathic products

To satisfy all our customers, at Pharmacy Garau in Budoni and Porto Ottiolu, we also provide a number of medications and natural remedies to be used in place of or in combination with traditional medical care.


To regulate the functioning of your body in a natural way and not invasively, you can use a variety of natural, homeopathic, phytotherapic, and herbal products as well as Bach flowers.


Our staff is always available to guide you to the choice between the various natural remedies suitable for the solution of your problem.


Through homeopathy and phytotherapy, you can solve several problems:


  • It favours draining action
  • It is suited to complementing other therapies
  • It is suitable to help reach therapeutic results
  • It can be used in children


For more information, you can find us in via V. Segni in Budoni.

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